A tribute to John Dallas and a response from his wife

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Rose garden tour was great success

Napa Valley Register     Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Dear editor,
John's Rose Garden opening on May 12 was a spectacular celebration of John Dallas's love of roses.
More than 300 people attended. The weather was such that the overcast for the morning brought out the color and perfume of the roses to perfection: later it warmed up, but not too much.
It was a surprise to find so many visitors were here for the first time. Some had been told of the website by a Napa relative and had been so motivated that they had driven here from other states. From near or far, all agreed it was worth the trip.
Our family was much heartened by the appreciation shown John's work, which is now diligently maintained by our daughter Suzy and other relatives and helpers.
We really appreciated you publishing my letter to the editor, the pictures and information in the calendar page, and the piece (so appropriately placed on the morning of the event) on the garden page. It brought us many afternoon visitors too, I'm sure.
All who donated to John's Rose Garden Memorial Scholarship fund will be gratified to know that the total donations for the one day was for $900. John's family says "thank you" for remembering him in this way, too.
Gladys E. Dallas

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