Gladys Dallas thanks local newpaper editor for news pieces and tribute on her husband John Dallas

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Napa Register
Thanks for the publicity
Friday, June 9, 2000

Dear editor,

The family of John Dallas (who planned, planted and maintained the beautiful John's Rose Garden) wishes to thank you and your newspaper staff for the news articles and the entries in Community Calendar announcing his passing on Feb. 27.

At the open garden on Saturday, May 6, more than 200 people walked the bark-covered paths, under rose-covered arbors, and took in the heavenly scents and sights of hundreds of blooming roses.

As they walked and talked, many remembered the roses John had grown for them and the detailed and friendly advice that he so enthusiastically gave on rose care. Many of John's fellow rosarians came to assist in the preparation of the garden for its opening. It was in dire need of love, because John had not been in his garden since falling ill last October, but much of the work was done by Suzy, our daughter, as she had grew to realize just how much work her father's garden required since its creation in 1973, when John turned a horse pasture into a rose garden extraordinaire.

It is gratifying to us, John's family, to still receive notification in the mail of another donation to the John's Rose Garden Memorial Scholarship Fund at Napa Valley College. It will be at a level that can award a yearly scholarship to a deserving student. The North Bay Rose Society also has received many donations in John's memory and I believe will be awarding a scholarship for Fall 2000. These scholarships so aptly reflect John's lifelong dedication to public service, higher education and his passion for growing roses. That Saturday in May was absolutely at the peak of spring bloom and probably the best day to view the garden this year as if John had guided us in the choice of that May 6 date. For all of those who helped
make that day possible and all those who visited, we say thank you. We would also like to thank the Gideon Society members who donated Bibles in John's memory.

Suzy hopes to be able to keep the garden maintained so that it will be picture perfect for an open garden on day a year in May. We shall let you know next year the time and date of our next open garden. One of John's sons aided by a son-in-law has setup a memorial web site in John's honor, All are invited to visit the web site and enjoy his work.

Gladys E. Dallas
and all of John's family

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